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Singapore Cab Booking Driver

Drive with SGCab in Singapore and Be Your Own Boss

Are you looking for new ways to make extra cash? Want to do a part-time job that offers good money but at your own terms? If yes, then partner with SGCab. We are offering the perfect opportunity to earn money as a driver. With us, you can transform your personal car into a money minting machine like never before! Join our team and start making money at your own terms and with excellent flexibility and convenience. And that is not an overstatement.

“Singapore Cab Booking Driver—An Easy and Fast Money Making Opportunity You Don’t Want To Miss!”


Don’t Just Drive—Take Control

With Singapore Cab Booking, you don’t just drive but we also give you the control! This means that you work with us as an independent contractor. You are in charge and have the ultimate freedom & flexibility to select:

  • Your own schedule
  • Drive whenever you have the time, with no strings attached
  • Choose where you go & who you pick
  • Work for us full-time or part-time (it’s your choice)

Wait, there’s more! Our driver-partner offer:

  • Has no minimum work hour limit giving you the convenience to drive for us with flexibility. We make it super easy for you to earn extra money even with the busiest of schedules.
  • Earning amazing fares base on the job given, SGCab only collect a small commission per job.
  • We, at SGCab, provide a platform to help drivers to expand their business exposure which enable driver themselves to provide jobs to another driver who are able to take up the job and earn a referral commission in Singapore Cab Booking network!

Could this deal be any sweeter?


How to Earn Money with My Car?

Excited? Want to get the behind the wheel and start making money? Well, then here’s what you need to know and have to do to become our driver-partner!

1.    Qualification Requirements

To avail this opportunity and sign up as a driver-partner with us, you need to be a Permanent Resident or a Singaporean. Also, you must be above 25 years of age holding a 3/3A valid class license.

2.    Vehicle Requirements

The car must be in top condition, have four doors and should be less than 10 years old. It should also have a capacity of about 1.4L.

3.    Insurance Requirements

Your car must be insured. We suggest you negotiate with the insurance company in order to retain the No Claim Discount when you switch from personal car insurance to commercial vehicle insurance. However, in case you’re renting out a vehicle, we recommend you to check that the rental car has proper commercial insurance.

4.    Cost that You Need to Prepare for as a Potential SGCab Driver

Here is the cost breakdown:

  • Register as a sole proprietor. This will cost you around S$65 if you register alone or we contact us for further advise.
  • Get comprehensive and proper commercial car insurance. This will cost approximately $2,500. However, it can vary depending on your negotiation skills
  • Transfer car ownership from personal to commercial. It comes with a cost of roughly S$15. Click here to transfer ownership
  • If you’re renting out the car, then it may cost you nearly $50 or $55 per day

5.    Additional Cost Associated with Driving

This cost may vary depending on the car you drive, your driving plan, and fuel cost. Generally, this will be around $35 to $65 per day. To lower this cost figure, we advise our driver partners to get the best fuel credit card or invest in a vehicle that is fuel efficient such as a diesel or hybrid car.


It’s an Amazing Money Making Opportunity Where You Get To Be In Charge!


Become our Driver-Partner,


Register with us today!

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