24 Hours Maxi Cab Booking Services in Singapore

Maxi Cab Wheelchair Transport in Singapore

Maxi Cab Wheelchair Transport Services in Singapore

SG Maxi Cab Singapore offers premium wheelchair transport services to ensure that disabled travelers can also travel in comfort and luxury. We make sure that our customers are safe and comfortable when traveling with us, and can enjoy their ride with us. We have got professional chauffeurs, who know how to take care of people with disabilities and will ensure that they have a great time. If you want to travel anywhere in Singapore with safety and comfort as your number one priority, then make sure that you book our Maxi Cab wheelchair transport in Singapore.

“We Value Our Customers and provide them with Excellent Wheelchair Transport Service in Singapore with Comfort and Luxury!”

Our maxi cabs and mini buses are designed specifically for travelers with disabilities and feature wheelchair ramps as well. You don’t have to worry about your disability, since we will make sure that you are pampered throughout your ride with us. The best part is that the maxi cab or mini bus that we provide will feature a specific compartment where your wheelchair can be stored. Everyone deserves to travel in comfort, safety and class, which is why we are regarded as one of the best maxi cab services in Singapore.


Giving priority services to all passengers

SG Maxi Cab Singapore is known for providing priority services to all their passengers, and they uphold their standards for passengers with disabilities as well. All our maxi cabs and mini buses for disabled travelers have been fitted with ramps, which allow us to easily and safely get the wheelchairs into the vehicle. Our professional chauffeurs are highly experienced and trained individuals, who will guarantee optimum security and safety while you travel with us.

We like providing our customers with amazing features, because we want them to enjoy traveling with us and at highly affordable costs as well. You can choose from a wide range of our maxi cab wheelchair transport in Singapore, which includes maxi cabs and mini buses. If you’re traveling in a large group, you can take advantage of our mini buses, which will ensure that you get to travel with your entourage along with your wheelchair. Our priority is providing convenient and high quality services to all our passengers, which is exactly what you will get from us every single time.


Have the ride of your life

Our maxi cab wheelchair transport service in Singapore ensures that you as our passengers can take advantage of our exceptional services. We want you to travel and explore Singapore in all of its glory and take in the many sights and tourist venues with your family and friends. If you’re arriving in Singapore for the first time, you can book our maxi cab wheelchair transport in advance, and our chauffeurs will meet and greet you on arrival at the airport.

We are a charter service that you can also use to travel with your loved ones to a hospital to get a medical checkup. Please contact us through email, phone, or from our website and provide us with complete details about your itinerary and the specifics of your travels. We will then provide you with the best maxi cab wheelchair transport service in Singapore, according to your specifications and needs.

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