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About Us | Singapore Maxi Cab Booking Service Provider

There is lots of maxi cab and mini bus charter services in Singapore, so what makes us different than all the rest? There are numerous stories about transport companies and how they rose to the top of the industry, but how credible are they? Here at SG Maxi Cab Singapore, we have had a long and hard road towards the top, but we have managed to do it by giving priority transport services to all our clients. We love providing them with high-class services because we value all our customers.

“We are setting the standard for maxi cab & mini bus charter services in Singapore with reliable, affordable, safe and luxury transport services”

The sole reason behind our success is that we show all of our customers with respect and treat them like our friends, because they deserve to travel in comfort, luxury, and safety.

How it all began

SG Maxi Cab Singapore came into existence when a couple of us came together and had a long discussion about the scarcity of credible, reliable, and affordable transport services in Singapore. It was decided then and there that we need to do something about it, and voila we dove head first into the industry. Our sole goal from the beginning was not go looking for profits, but rather providing premium and high class services to travelers so that they can enjoy the comforts of traveling in class.

Our commitment, drive, and dedication haven’t wavered at all in the past few years, and we have only grown stronger, bigger and better as a transport service providing in Singapore. We love making the lives of travelers in Singapore easier with our affordable, reliable, and safe maxi cabs and mini bus charter services.

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Why you choose us?

There are many transport services in Singapore, so why should you specifically choose us and rely on our services? The question is a legitimate one and needs to be answered to satisfy the curiosity of all customers. We have made sure that from the beginning we will provide reliable transport services to locals, tourists, artists, government officials, international delegates, and VIPs in Singapore.

We know exactly what it takes to provide exemplary transport services to all our clients, and make sure that all of them get the same levels of service from us. There is no discrimination at all from our end, since we love to meet the transport and travel demands of everyone in Singapore. Another reason why you should choose us is because we provide luxury transport services to our customers at highly affordable rates. We make traveling convenient and practical at the same time, and you can choose to take advantage of our excellent services whenever you choose to.

We have also given a brief overview of the type of travel services and transport packages that you can book from our travel service. Our SG Maxi Cab services in Singapore include:

We provide our clients with an extensive selection of high class fleets that includes the following:

Call us now and book our excellent transport services at affordable rates in Singapore today.

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