24 Hours Maxi Cab Booking Services in Singapore

Short Term Mini Bus Charter in Singapore

Short Term Mini Bus Charter Services in Singapore

Who said that mini bus charters are only for tourists? If you live in Singapore and have a large group of family and friends you want to travel with across the country and the neighboring Malaysia, then there is no need to book cabs when you can get a cool mini bus to freely roam around!

Move Around Singapore Freely With Our Mini Bus Charter

If you are a business, then a short term mini bus charter can help you address your increasing transportation needs, whether because of a corporate event or new hires or growing business. With SG Cabs, you get a flexible charter that best fits your needs.


Reliability Matched with Price

SG Cabs takes pride in helping businesses and groups get the best short term mini bus charter in Singapore. We cater to the growing need for quality mini bus services for workers and employees who want to get to work on time and safely, and to groups who want to have a comfortable traveling experience.

In terms of pricing, we offer competitive charters and can customize them according to your traveling needs. As a business, this helps you gain more transparency over your transportation costs for a specific period of time (short term). As a group, you are able to save good money per head, all with a relaxed and smooth traveling experience that you deserve.


Benefits of Our Short Term Mini Bus Charter in Singapore

  • Our mini bus fleet features some of the best vehicles for groups that you can find on the road. We regularly conduct inspection and quality assurance to ensure each and every vehicle delivers an unmatched traveling experience.
  • The hire cost for short term mini bus charters is generally high because of the small duration of the contract. That is not the case with SG Cabs as we offer competitive pricing and affordable charters that ensure you get the best value.
  • Companies can ensure that their staff and workers are always on-time, whether at work in the morning or at corporate events or trips. Making transport quick and smooth to and from work and other places of work will be appreciated by your employees.
  • Above all, road safety is important and this is what we promise to deliver. Our drivers are proactive in addressing different situations that require immediate attention and are trained to handle difficult conditions on the road.


Get Started Now

SG Cabs is a trusted name in the transport business and has been serving business, individuals, and groups with exceptional dedication and commitment. Our 13-seater mini buses are ideal for various excursion and routine transportation, making our short term mini bus charter in Singapore a viable option for different needs.

The best part? You can turn your short term charter into a long term contract that provides you with even better value for money with the same level of quality and commitment.

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