24 Hours Maxi Cab Booking Services in Singapore

6 Seater Limousine Cab | Limo Cab Singapore

6 Seater Limousine Cab | Limo Cab Singapore

There are lots of maxi cab services in Singapore, but if you really want to travel in true class, style, and luxury you should only consider SG Maxi Cab. Our limo cab service in Singapore offers you the opportunity to travel in unprecedented levels of comfort and luxury. Our limousine cab 6 seater comes with executive level interior design, featuring plush VIP seats that offer supreme comfort. It is the ideal way to travel if you are entertaining clients or high level business executives, since it offers relaxation, and comfort that few cars can match.

“There is no better way to travel in Singapore than with the Limousine Cab 6 Seater by SG Maxi Cab”

You can book our limousine cab 6-seater for company events, sight-seeing trips, corporate meetings, and airport arrival or departures. It has got spacious interior, and has a seating capacity of 6 people, with enough room to even carry handbags with them. This is an exclusive limo cab service that we offer to all customers, and is available at affordable rates that will fit within your budget.


The classiest way to travel around Singapore

We offer our exclusive limousine cab 6-seater services to everyone that wants to travel around Singapore with class. You can book our services for Meet and Greet services at the airport, where our chauffer will be on hand to welcome your VIP guests or clients you’re entertaining in Singapore. We will make sure that there is no delay, and they reach their destination in complete luxury, comfort and relaxation. We are highly professional in our services, and have got experienced limousine chauffeurs who are dedicated in providing high class services.

To ensure the best possible experience to our customers we encourage them to book with us in advance so that we can get all of the arrangements in order. Our limousine chauffeur will take you anywhere that you want to travel in Singapore, and will also make multiple stops along the way if you choose it. The luxury limousine cab service can also be availed for weddings, where you can travel with your family in style to the wedding or even turn it into the wedding car itself.


SG Maxi Cab Defining Luxury Traveling

SG Maxi Cab is one of the leading maxi cab services in Singapore and is always pushing the boundaries to ensure that they are leading the industry. We have been in the industry for a long time and offer our customers with premium quality services. Once you have made a reservation with us for our limousine cab 6-seater, we will be at your designated address on the specified time and will even provide you with additional services if you require them.

We want to provide the best maxi cab services to our customers in Singapore, and make sure that we are able to satisfy them with our services every single time. If you want to make a reservation, please call us on our number or email us with your particular request.

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