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Why a 13-Seater Minibus is the Best Option for Travels

See why the 13-seater minibus is preferred by many travelers.
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Why a 13-Seater Minibus is the Most Reliable Choice for Travels

Reasons Why a 13-Seater Minibus is the Most Reliable Choice for Travels in Singapore


When choosing transportation, the primary two things we look at are comfort and affordability. Especially for long travels, we look for a vehicle where we can let ourselves relax physically and at the same time, which doesn’t create any disturbance in our mind whatsoever about the price. Today we discuss why a 13-Seater Minibus is the most reliable choice for travels in Singapore.


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First, they can Accommodate More People

Most of the people visit Singapore with family or a group of friends. In such cases, a 13-seater minibus will fit everyone.

The thing with smaller cars or vans is that they have limited seats; for example, four, excluding the driver. In such cases, say that you have six people in your group, then it is going to be difficult for you to accommodate in the limited seats.

Also, because of the construction and size, fitting 15 people in a 13-seater minibus is very simple compared to fitting seven people in a four-seater car.


More Headspace and Bigger Seats- More Comfort

Most of the minibusses have bigger and more seating options than other vehicles. Also, the height of the vehicle is bigger than cars and vans, so your body will get more freedom.

This will become even more beneficial for you if you have kids.

Moreover, minibusses have bucket seats with headrests versus bench seats in other vans. Also, as they have a center aisle and not a curb-side walkway, so passengers find it easier to move around in the vehicle.


More Luggage Space

This is another reason why a 13-seater minibus is the most reliable choice for travel in Singapore.

From overhead storage bins to a bigger trunk, minibusses have a lot of storage space. You typically don’t have to worry about big luggage or the number of suitcases you are carrying with your family when you board one.



The maximum a typical van can have is a GPS, baby seats, radio, speaker, and AC. A minibus being bigger, you have more things to do inside it. Thus, your travel becomes more fun.


Security and Accessibility

A Minibus has dual rear wheels and metal construction. This means the tires have a good grasp on the road, and you have a sturdy protective vehicle surface even if something happens to you.

Moreover, a minibus’ first step is only 11.5 inches. This means getting in and getting out, along with the seating and windows, is very favorable to elders and differently-abled passengers.

You see, there are a lot of things for you to see when you come to Singapore. You will be traveling a lot; instead of driving yourself or wasting hours of your time looking for cabs everywhere you go, you should hire a vehicle booking service.

Well, we told you why 13-Seater Minibus is the most reliable choice for travels in Singapore. Contact us to book a minibus in the city-state. We have the most comfortable vehicles and skillful drivers, and they have a very affordable price tag. We look forward to hearing from you.


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