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What Are the Benefits of Carpooling in Singapore?

Advantages of Carpooling in Singapore: How Ride-sharing in Singapore Has Been Helping People
What Are the Benefits of Carpooling in Singapore?

What Are the Benefits of Carpooling in Singapore?

Advantages of Carpooling in Singapore: How Ride-sharing in Singapore Has Been Helping People

Going for a long drive somewhere in Singapore? Or looking for a more convenient way to get to your workplace every day? Carpooling is when you hire a vehicle with individuals, heading to a common destination. An alternative to both, driving private cars or public transportation, carpooling these days has been very popular among the Singaporeans. Even some major transportation companies have been introducing various carpooling services, from renting a carpooling vehicle or helping carpool drivers and passengers find each other. Well, to let you know more about this concept, here are the benefits of carpooling in Singapore that you should know about.


Save Money

How much do you have to pay when you hit the road? Include the gas cost, maintenance cost, car wash service, etc. When you carpool, all the passengers share this cost, so that means you will have to pay cheap. But a thing good to know, a carpool driver can’t be making extra money from the travel apart from the cost incurred from taking a passenger to his/her destination; it is deemed illegal in the city-state.


Less Stress, Fun Driving

Here is another benefit of carpooling in Singapore. You will have companions during your travel, which is likely to be fun, rather than when you are alone, rotating the steering wheel tediously. Car-poolers take turns driving, which means you won’t have to care about being drowsy driving. Also, you can devise your own rules inside your carpool vehicle, which will be different from the strictness in public transportation.


Less Traffic

Here is one of the most needed benefits of carpooling in Singapore. Let us say that there are five people in a carpool van. This means that the road now has five fewer vehicles to add on to its already intensive traffic, and this will mean better traffic control. As you can see, all these advantages of carpooling are interconnected to each other; less traffic will also contribute to less stress which we mentioned in the point above.

What Are the Benefits of Carpooling in Singapore?


Save Time

The time you have your hands on the wheels is also the time you could do something productive. Also, we have already noted that carpooling reduces traffic, which means you won’t have to waste as much as time in the traffic as when you would drive your own vehicle. All these factors contribute to the carpooling save a lot of time in the long term.


Good for The Environment

Not only carpooling benefits the car-poolers, but it also serves its purpose for a cleaner environment. Fewer vehicles mean lesser pollution, even if it doesn’t seem to be so significant when we look at it regarding recent time; it will mean a whole lot in the long term.


Meet New Friends

Here is another overlooked advantage of carpooling in Singapore. Singaporeans are busy, they work hard, and it sometimes seems that they are short on time of making friends. But with a routine carpooling, you will be meeting new people, and you already know that even if sounds too casual, it comes with a lot of advantages.

If you are glad to know about carpooling and how it could help you, we will also be happier to provide you with some of the best-carpooling services in Singapore. At SGCab, we have been providing our members with various carpooling service plans, and you could know more about us here.

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