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Helpful Things Everyone Must Know Before Visiting Singapore

Knowing these tips will make your Singapore travel more convenient.
Helpful Things Everyone Must Know Before Visiting Singapore

Helpful Things Everyone Must Know Before Visiting Singapore

8 Very Helpful Things Everyone Should Know Before Visiting Singapore

Helpful Things Everyone Must Know Before Visiting Singapore

So, are you excited about coming to Lion City? We are equally excited about having you here! Well, whatever be the reason for your visit- whether it is for a vacation or a business trip, we hope you will have the best time, and to help with that, here are some things you should know before visiting Singapore.


You Can’t Chew Gum in Singapore

Singaporeans are very wary of cleanliness. This shows in the ban of Chewing Gums. They are illegal in the city-state. If you happen to chew and spit on the street, that means you will be paying a fine of up to S$1,000. This also means no one sells gum on Singapore, and if they do, they can go to prison and might need to pay a fine of S$1000.


Other Things that Are Illegal in Singapore

Using someone’s Wi-Fi without asking them, forgetting to flush on a public restroom, and singing songs in public without a license, or singing songs with obscene lyrics. You can’t do anything of those things in Singapore.

Others include annoying someone with a musical instrument, feeding pigeons, urinating in public elevator, littering, graffiti, and of course, spitting on the street.


You Will Most Probably not Need to Buy Mobile Data

Even if using other’s Wifi is a crime, there still are a lot of hotspots meant for the public. This means you can be connected to the internet in most parts of the city-state. Anyway, don’t forget to follow internet security measures as Singapore has had problems with illegal hacking.


You Don’t Need Fancy Shoes while visiting Singapore

Especially with the tropical climate, which can change unexpectedly, wearing flip-flops is a trend in Singapore. So, doing the same will help you.

Talking about this, also remember that in the Chinese Culture, showing the inside of your foot isn’t considered very good.


Taxis are Everywhere but Expensive

Taxis in Singapore are expensive, but they are regulated. The best idea to save your money and time will be hiring a vehicle rental company such as us. We will let you hire our comfortable vehicles at the most affordable prices.

Helpful Things Everyone Must Know Before Visiting Singapore


Alcohol is Expensive

Actually, alcohol is extremely expensive in Singapore. The custom duties for alcoholic beverages are so high in the city-state that you will need to pay at least S$10 or more for a beer.

Remember that drinking in public places after 10:30 PM is not legal.


There are Designated Areas for Smoking

Of course, you can’t smoke in public. Anyway, there are designated areas if you really need to light a cigarette. You can only smoke there.

Again, remember that in Singapore, smoking is also only for people with a lot of money.


You Don’t Need to Pay a Lot on Food

Hawker Centers, Food Courts, and Kopi-tiams offer delicious Singaporean cuisines at very less price. They are delicious; you can’t expect an expensive restaurant like respect, but Singaporeans still are friendly.

Sometimes, food vendors can raise their voices, but we assure you that they are very good people. It is just that it can sometimes be difficult for them to focus on cooking when there is so much disturbance of people and noises.

Still, they will pack their love in their food. Also, make sure you carry cash in you while visiting Singapore, don’t expect street food stalls to accept credit cards.


Singaporeans Can Speak English

Don’t let the stereotype lead you. Singaporeans are good English speakers.

Actually, Singaporeans have their own version of English, the ‘Singlish,’ but don’t worry, its still English. You won’t have a problem moving around and asking about things you don’t know.

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